How to find the Quaker Meeting House

How to find the Quaker Meeting House

Saturday, 24 November 2007


On Wednesday 12 December 8pm to midnight: join us for an evening of social dancing, refreshments and fun. Non-dancers welcome too, to watch and enjoy the music. £2 on the door.

Saturday, 29 September 2007

We have moved to WEDNESDAYS!!

We now meet on WEDNESDAYS in Penparcau for our regular lessons with Felix and the weekly Practica: Lessons from 8pm, Practica from around 9.30pm to 11pm. Do join us!

New classes in Aberystywth Arts Centre

Felix is teaching two classes -- beginners and intermediates -- in Aberystwyth Arts Centre starting on October 5th. For details see the Arts Centre Programme:

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Tango Class on 31st Aug

Dear all,

I am sorry to tell you that I cannot afford the class on 31st August. The next class would be on 7th September. The Topic is 'dancing in the milonga'. I shall start with the close embrace.

Btw, it may suit beginners.


Sunday, 29 July 2007

Tango Classes Aug 2007

Dear all,

The subjects for August will be:

03/08 intermediate sacada in giro
10/08 intermediate sacada in giro (2)
17/08 gancho and in-gancho
24/08 boleo and light boleo
31/08 combination of sacada, gancho, and boleo

See you on Friday nights!


Saturday, 2 June 2007

Practica only Friday 9 June

Felix is away on 9 June, so there will be a Practica but no class.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Tango Classes May 2007

Dear all,

The provisional topics for the classes in May are:

5/18 Media-Luna and Giro
5/25 Sacada

As for the Musicality session, I would teach how to interpret music. The song I will use is 'Poema' by Francisco Canaro. It would be better if you are familar with that song. For those who may not have that song, you can listen to that online by clicking the following link:

See you on Friday!


Saturday, 14 April 2007

No Class Friday 20 April

Felix is on holiday next week, so there will be no class on Friday 20 April. We resume on 27th. We are doing very basic things at the moment: walking, posture, etc., so it is a good time for beginners or recent beginners to join us. Good revision for the more experienced also!

Thursday, 1 March 2007

Tango Classes Mar 2007

Dear all,

The tentative schedule of Tango classes in March is as follows:

3/2 Crusada(Plus rock steps?)
3/9 Combinations of Media Luna, barrida, and sacada
3/16 Milonga
3/23 Boleo
3/30 Gancho

See you on Friday!


Monday, 29 January 2007

Tango Classes Feb 2007

Dear all,

The provisional schedule for the upcoming tango classes are as follows:

02/02 Barridas
09/02 Adornments
16/02 Sacadas (1)
23/02 Sacadas (2)

These classes suit all levels. Please do not hesitate if you have any suggestions on any aspects of the classes.

See you on Fridays!

Sunday, 14 January 2007

Provisional schedule of Tango Classes Jan 2007

Dear all,

I am Felix, the present teacher of AberTango.
I am really glad to have the chance of being here and of being able to share my Tango expertise with everyone who is interested in Tango.

My provisional plan for the upcoming sessions are:

19/01 Media-luna, Giro
26/01 Rock steps

If you have any questions on the Tango classes or more generally on Tango, please feel free to contact me.
My Email address:

Hope to see you on Fridays!


Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Linda, Wayne, Keith, Roy, Isabel, Kerry, Felix,Steve, Jenny


Video clips...Mercedes Espinel Diego Riemer (El Pajaro) 1

Video clips....Milonga

Lesson with Felix