How to find the Quaker Meeting House

How to find the Quaker Meeting House

Monday, 14 April 2014

Tango on Wednesdays!!

Hi everyone
We have our usual Practica in Penparcau at 8pm - 11pm on Wednesday this week and every week (unless we have to cancel, in which case I will email round). Practica is tangoese for 'practice', so no class or lessons but plenty of opportunity to practice and just to dance. Bring a partner if possible, but if not, come along anyway. No need to dress up, but slippy shoes are a good idea as always. If you have just begun lessons, this is an ideal opportunity to try out what you've learned, and to watch more experienced dancers.  Everyone welcome!

Linda, Wayne, Keith, Roy, Isabel, Kerry, Felix,Steve, Jenny


Video clips...Mercedes Espinel Diego Riemer (El Pajaro) 1

Video clips....Milonga

Lesson with Felix