How to find the Quaker Meeting House

How to find the Quaker Meeting House

Monday, 19 May 2014

Tango break

Dear all
We have arrived at the time of year when members of Abertango migrate to warmer climes for the summer or leave Aber for a well deserved vacation, so we are taking a break from tango for the present--there will be no further practicas in Penparcau for the moment. I do hope to see people at other events during the summer. There are classes with Paul continuing on Penglais campus (I think the next may be in June): do join these if you haven't already.  There are wonderful milongas (and classes) in Cardiff ( and Swansea (, as well as Hereford and Bristol, and events such as Tango Feast ( and Tango Tank ( so there are plenty of opportunities to continue dancing.
Best wishes

Linda, Wayne, Keith, Roy, Isabel, Kerry, Felix,Steve, Jenny


Video clips...Mercedes Espinel Diego Riemer (El Pajaro) 1

Video clips....Milonga

Lesson with Felix