How to find the Quaker Meeting House

How to find the Quaker Meeting House

Monday, 31 August 2015

Tango Lessons

Tango lessons start on 1 October 2015 in the Aberystwyth University Arts Centre.
Day: Thursday; Time: 7.30-9pm.
Cost: £20 (£18) for 5 sessions.
A FREE taster session is organised on 24 September 2015.
Come and learn tango in a friendly and relaxed environment.
The classes will cover basic tango techniques, posture, the embrace, walking and rhythm, expression and musicality. We shall familiarise ourselves with different tango music rhythms (Tango, Vals & Milonga) so we can begin to dance in the milonga (the tango dance space) with different dance partners. Also, some history and etiquette for tango dancers will be provided during the classes.

What to wear:
  • Shoes with a back on them – flip flops or slip ons are not dance friendly
  • Shoes that are comfortable
  • Shoes that will pivot and slide easily on the floor
  • Comfortable clothes – clothes you can move in comfortably
  • It seems obvious but please: Use deodorant and brush your teeth!
For more information, please contact the Arts Centre BOX OFFICE: 01970 62 32 32.

Linda, Wayne, Keith, Roy, Isabel, Kerry, Felix,Steve, Jenny


Video clips...Mercedes Espinel Diego Riemer (El Pajaro) 1

Video clips....Milonga

Lesson with Felix